Mom School doesn't exist. So, Freakuency Fit was created๐Ÿ˜‰.

Featured Courses

Fearless Birth Kit

(fastest course)

In this course, overcome your fears & anxieties. Learn what to truly expect. And experience less painful, faster, trauma-free childbirth. Enjoy bonus courses, lessons for your birth support, and printed handouts to help you along the way. Birth affirmations are included, along with your guide to created your powerful pregnancy and birth mantras.

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Fearless Birth Course

(most popular)

Become the most prepared you ever thought possible. Understand the power of your placenta, birthing without medication, how to prepare for a home birth, and how to have a safe, trauma-free hospital birth. Learn the truth about inductions, and how to protect your body and baby. This is everything you need, for the pregnancy & childbirth you deserve.

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Birth Course Bundle

(best value)

Everything you need to truly be the boss of your own birth. In this bundle, get access to every course, book, audio book, and guided meditation. Learn how to protect yourself and your baby. Know all of the medical jargon. Be confident in your appointments. And finally have all the tools you need to ensure that you are treated with respect, dignity, and honest care.

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Why Mamas Love Freakuency Fit

Easy to Follow

Short, easy to follow courses that take the confusion and uncertainty out of your experience. This is your guide to truly being the boss of your own body and journey. This is your guide to ultimate confidence. 

Access Anywhere

Watch or listen to your courses anytime, anywhere. Take the stress out of scheduling demands, and enjoy your course at your own pace.

Life Saving 

More than just medical jargon, our courses get to the heart of your humanity. Using the science behind mind, body, energy coherence, Freakuency Fit was designed to help you finally find that transformational healing you been looking for.

Featured Books

Surviving Childbirth

(a must read)

The 5 unconventional steps to trauma free labor, and the top 13 myths about childbirth that MUST be busted. Overcome your fears and anxieties, and become the MOST ready you ever thought possible for your empowered, trauma-free labor and childbirth.

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Pregnancy Depression

(most popular)

The top 10 most empowering ways to heal through and overcome chronic anxiety, stress, and depression during pregnancy.

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Postpartum Depression

(most requested)

The top 10 ways of finding self love and grace as you heal through your baby blues and/ or postpartum depression.

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