Postpartum Depression Ebook + Audio Book

The top 10 ways of finding self love and grace as you heal through your baby blues and/ or postpartum depression. Let your healing start today. 

What you'll get:

🎉 The top 10 ways towards loving yourself through your baby blues and postpartum depression!

🎉 The audio book for listening at your own convenience. 

🎉 A jump start towards finding self grace (something that is more valuable as you become a mom than you may recognize).

🎁 PLUS: A bonus lesson on postpartum depression and tools to find healing! 

All sales are final due to the nature of the download. 

$9.99 USD

For just $59 more, get complete access to the Freakuency Fit ebook + audio book collection: 7 ebooks, 5 audio books, 5 video lessons, and 1 labor and delivery guided meditation.

What You Get:

🎉 "Surviving Childbirth" 80+ pages of myth busting and TRULY powerful steps towards avoiding harmful traditional (and current) maternal practices, and stepping fearlessly into your labor and childbirth.

🎉 "Cosmic Nursing" 80+ pages filled with guidance, support, and practical tools that help you not only have a wonderful breast/chest feeding experience, but to also find moments of joy (and self pride) in however your journey turns out to be.

🎉 "Birth Goddess" top 10 tips for shorter, less painful labor ebook + audio book.

🎉 "Pregnancy Depression" top 10 tips for overcoming anxiety, stress, and pregnancy depression ebook + audio book.

🎉 "Milk Supply" top 10 tips for increasing milk supply and no stress guide to building your milk bunker ebook + audio book.

🎉 "Postpartum Depression" top 10 tips for healing through your baby blues and postpartum depression ebook + audio book.

🎉 "Wild Mama" top 10 tips for finding self love and grace during postpartum when you feel like you've lost your identity ebook + audio book.

Plus Bonuses:

🎁 My top 10 tips for your labor & delivery to make it faster, easier, & trauma free - Bonus Video Lesson

🎁 "Understanding & Increasing Your Milk Supply" Bonus Video Lesson

🎁 "Overcoming Stress, Fear & Anxiety" Bonus Video Lesson

🎁 "Understanding & Healing Tools for Postpartum Depression" Bonus Video Lesson

🎁 "Self Love During Postpartum Healing" Bonus Video Lesson

🎁 Guided Meditation for Labor and Childbirth

All sales are final due to the nature of this download.

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