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This 5 module comprehensive course will get you from unsure, nervous, and maybe even fearful, to confident, ready, and excited to birth your baby at home!

Home birth is a meticulously planned out option for giving birth. It's not winging it. And it's definitely not more dangerous as many may suggest.

In this comprehensive, specialized course, learn what to expect of your home birth & how to prepare (mentally, physically, & emotionally). Feel more ready than you ever thought possible, as we dive into preparation, stages of labor, finding your midwife (and doula), tips for your birth support/partner, and how to have a peaceful unmedicated labor. 

Included in your home birth course:

Receive 50% off a highly informative 30 minute home birth insurance reimbursement session when you sign up.

Meet with Donna Marshall: Home Birth Insurance Reimbursement Consultant (10+ years) and Private Medical / Hospital Billing and Coding Manager (35+ years) at 50% off!

Donna has worked with hundreds of women in helping them retrieve refunds from their insurance companies due to birthing at home. 



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