Fearless Birth Kit

Feeling scared, overwhelmed, anxious, & even dealing with pregnancy depression happens to more moms than you may know.

⚡️Get on the path towards feeling knowledgeable, ready, confident, and excited for an empowered (trauma-free) pregnancy, labor, and delivery!⚡️

Crafted from over 7 years of coaching, mentoring, research and work as a brith and postpartum doula to women all over the world. Just like you.

Crafted to get your mind, body, and energy (hello freakuency!) in a place where confidence, peace, calm, and feeling empowered is not only what you dream, but what you expect.  

This will be one of the greatest decisions you've ever made.😍 I'm so excited for you!

What you get:

🎉 A comprehensive birth kit designed to guide you towards experiencing an empowered, trauma-free labor and childbirth

🎉 Practical techniques proven to shorten labor and reduce "pain" / intensity levels (techniques that actually work in real time)

🎉 Video lesson on birthing without medication.

🎉 How-to lessons for rewiring your brain to expect calm, peaceful, empowered birth (guides and tools to practice daily for rewiring your brain not only for childbirth, but for life as well)

🎉 "Surviving Childbirth" ebook (which busts the top 13 myths about labor that is causing so much trauma, and 5 unconventional steps to overcoming fear and having an empowered labor)

🎉 "Birth Goddess" ebook + audio book (the top 10 tips for shorter, faster, more peaceful labor)

🎉 "Understanding Epidurals" ebook (an ebook designed to make you fully aware of what exactly an epidural is, what's in it, what it does to mom, what it does to baby, the risks, and what to expect)

🎉 No drip access (take the courses at your own pace)

Plus bonuses:

🎁 Best tips for mom in labor (whether birthing at home or hospital)

🎁 Best tips for partner/ spouse/ birth support during labor 

🎁 Labor and childbirth guided meditation (with heart chakra balancing frequencies playing underneath)

🎁 "Birthing Big Babies" video (from our support group live stream discussion) - a break down of one of the biggest myths in regards to birthing big babies, and why it is causing so many women to unnecessarily have medical inductions

🎁 Birth Affirmations (for you to keep on your phone or print out)

**ALL-SALES-FINAL** Due to the nature of the downloads, all sales of the Fearless Birth Kit are final.


What The Mamas Are Saying:

Just finished the top 10 tips for labor & delivery video and I NEEDED to hear all of that! Been doubting myself internally & I need to quiet all the excess outside noise and go with my flow and my truths (as you put it). You are a gift Danielle!! I think "allow" will be my birth mantra!

Mary O.

I first starting following your work in your online support group. But when you created the online courses, I was over the moon! I found you during a time when I didn't know if I could do this. But you have helped me find my confidence again. I feel ready and sure for the first time in a long time. Thank you SO much!

Tianna K.

I listened and used your top 10 tips for labor. I even made my husband learn them so he could help me. IT REALLY WORKED! I was so proud of myself and my little man was so worth all of it. I can't say thank you enough times!

Lisa R.

I started with the Surviving Childbirth book, and was instantly hooked! I got this birth kit next, and omg. I am so happy to have found your courses and books. It has made me more confident in myself, just as a person, and I feel so ready! I'm starting on the fearless birth course next!

Sofia A.

A one time investment of $79.

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