Fearless Birth Course

Become the most knowledgeable, confident, and ready for your (trauma-free) pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

By the end of this course + your bonuses you'll:

✅ Have the tools you need to truly overcome your fears, anxieties, or worries about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.

✅ Have the knowledge needed to be confident in your body's ability to birth and your baby's intuitive knowing of how to be born.

✅ Know exactly how to avoid any force or control by medical tradition/practices.

✅ Truly understand the magnitude of your body and all of the work you are doing to bring life onto this planet. 

✅ Have the tools to not only rewire your habitual thinking, but the tools to implement these transformational techniques into every area of your life!

This is how you have a fearless, trauma-free birth!

What you'll get:

🎉 A comprehensive 10 part module (62 lessons + printable worksheets)

🎉 Practical techniques proven to shorten labor and reduce "pain" / intensity levels

🎉 How-to lessons for rewiring your brain to expect calm, peaceful, empowered birth

🎉 Practical tools & tips for pregnancy self care, understanding the magic of your placenta, & learning how to apply meditation to your labor.

🎉 A breakdown of the stages of labor so you & your partner/spouse/birth support know what to expect (and what to do)

🎉 Steps to creating a powerful pregnancy and birth mantra that actually works

🎉 Printable work (and cheat) sheets & additional e-books for your resources

🎉 No drip lessons (take the courses at your own pace) 

🎉 7-day money back guarantee

Plus bonuses:

🎁 "All About Inductions" mini course, teaching you everything you need to know about inductions (what they are, when are they needed, & what to expect). 

🎁 Labor and childbirth mantra printouts

🎁 Labor and childbirth guided meditation

🎁 "Birthing Big Babies" video (from our support group live stream discussion)

🎁 "Understanding Epidurals" ebook

🎁 "Surviving Childbirth" ebook

🎁 "Cosmic Nursing" ebook

🎁 "Birth Goddess" ebook and audio book

🎁 "Pregnancy Depression" ebook and audio book


"Wild Mama": the top 10 steps to self grace and self love during your postpartum healing. Includes a bonus video lesson: "Self Love During Postpartum".

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What The Mamas Are Saying:

This course has taught me how to remain calm, listen to my own instincts, become in tune with my little one, and listen to what she is telling me. I feel so much more confident as a mom because of how confident I became while pregnant! Life changing!

Coral M.

Being 18, I was so scared of becoming a mom and of labor. This course has been very helpful with the lessons, tips and even making new friends. So many questions I’ve had have been answered! I log in daily! My labor went a lot smoother than I expected and I have an extremely low pain tolerance. I’ve never felt this type of love before I’m so obsessed with this little angel I can’t put her down!

Montana S.

Wow! We are superwomen carrying life into this world and nurturing it. Forever amazed and in love with this little face! Thank you Danielle for creating this - you helped and continue to help us feel less alone during such an exciting, scary, memorable and transforming life change This has been the craziest ride ever!

Sarai T.

A one time investment of just $269. A savings of over $60.

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