Freakuency Fit Birth Course Bundle

✨Become the most prepared, confident, and bossed-up possible for your pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and start into postpartum healing! 

😍This birth course bundle is designed to not only help you understand the medical side of what's happening to your body, but also the emotional, spiritual, and energetic sides as well.

By the end of your birth course bundle you'll:

βœ… Have the tools you need to truly overcome your fears, anxieties, or worries about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.

βœ… Have the knowledge needed to be confident in your body's ability to birth, and your baby's intuitive knowing of how to be born.

βœ… Truly understand that you are the boss of your own birth, and the tools to be one!

βœ… Know how to avoid any force or control by medical traditions/practices.

βœ… Understand what you need to prepare, and what to expect for your home birth (or at least know what this entails in case you go into active labor at home).

βœ… Have a strong sense of what inductions are, when they are actually needed (not often), and if YOU actually need one or not.

βœ… Truly understand the magnitude of your body (and have a stronger appreciation for it) and all of the work you are doing to bring life onto this planet. 

βœ… Have the tools to not only rewire your habitual thinking, but the tools to implement these transformational techniques into every area of your life! 

✨And that's just the beginning.

😍This is how you have an empowered pregnancy!

😍 This is how you not only survive childbirth, but have a trauma-free, peaceful, and wonderful labor and birth!

😍 And this is how you step into your postpartum with more self grace than you ever thought possible!

What you'll get:

πŸŽ‰ FEARLESS BIRTH COURSE: A 10 module, complete pregnancy and childbirth course created to guide you in making informed and confident decisions about your body and baby.

πŸŽ‰ PEACEFUL HOME BIRTH MINI COURSE: A 5 module mini course designed to help you answer your most pressing questions about home birth (and get you ready to say YES to your desire to birth at home).

πŸŽ‰ ALL ABOUT INDUCTIONS SUPER MINI COURSE: A 9 lesson super mini course focused on providing you the information you need to avoid manipulative, fear based traditional tactics used to force you into choices surrounding inductions you may not desire (and likely won't need).

πŸŽ‰ FREAKUENCY FIT LIT BUNDLE: A 12 piece bundle which includes 5 ebook with matching audio books offering the top 10 tips for labor/ childbirth, increasing milk supply, overcoming pregnancy depression, identifying and healing from postpartum depression, and how NOT to lose yourself post childbirth. 

πŸŽ‰ FREAKUENCY FIT GUIDED MEDITATION: A 12 minute guided meditation created especially for your labor and delivery (with science backed frequencies to heighten your level of receptivity and overall sense of well being and peace).

βœ… Courses include practical techniques proven to shorten labor and reduce "pain" / intensity levels, prepare for home birth, and become educated and confident surrounding the popular topic of inductions.

βœ… Courses include how-to lessons for rewiring your brain to expect calm, peaceful, empowered birth

βœ… Printable work (and cheat) sheets & additional e-books for your resources

βœ… No drip lessons (take the courses at your own pace)

βœ… 7-day money back guarantee

Plus bonuses:

🎁 Labor and childbirth affirmation printouts

🎁 "Birthing Big Babies" video (from our support group live stream discussion)

🎁 "Labor Without Medication" video (from our support group live stream discussion)

🎁 "Increasing Your Milk Supply" Bonus Lesson

🎁 "Postpartum Depression & Self Love During Postpartum" Bonus Lessons

🎁 "Understanding Inductions" Bonus Lesson

What The Mamas Are Saying:

Though you weren't here in person, let me tell you that you were a huge part of my birthing experience. My sister kept reminding me of your words: "It's not pain. It's power. Allow your body to do what it can." I breathed and relaxed into those contractions and felt more "present". During the transition phase I felt like I couldn't go any further, but I did. He came out in 3 pushes. Thank you so much for all of your coaching!

Shannon S.

Danielle! I feel that you are a person I can reach out to if I need to. I am so thankful for you! Thank you for not making me feel shamed, minimized, or judged. That is so important for me and so many others. The impact you have is huge. I believe you know that, but I just wanted to say that again!!!

Carrie A.

Thank you so much for your lesson on healing from trauma. I really needed to hear this. I was playing it in the car with my husband so we both could listen. And I told him all the things and how traumatizing my first pregnancy, birth and the after care was for me. He understands now. And has been helping me so much during this whole process trying to let me heal.

Laci M.

$63/m for 6 months

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