Power Over Pain (this is what labor really is)

Jun 01, 2022

You absolutely can have a peaceful and empowered birth…And it begins with understanding power over pain.

You’ve seen the movies, heard the stories, and now it’s your turn.

Whether you’re preparing for your first or fourth birth, it can come with a ton of emotions. Excitement, nerves, anxiousness, fear, confusion, and so forth.

But the one question I get more than anything else is, “How can I avoid a traumatic birth?”.

You may not think about birth as trauma. But anytime you hear about fear, feeling unheard, lack of control, excessive pain, uncontrollable screaming, or birth being the absolute worst thing someone has experienced, this tends to be laced with trauma to some degree (keeping in mind that it varies for each person).

Postpartum post traumatic stress (PP PTSD) is a very real thing — so is trauma in pregnancy and childbirth. 

Today I want to offer you some guidance for your upcoming birth so it’s empowering, peaceful, and void of trauma.

There are people who view childbirth as a medical occurrence. There are others who view it as a natural moment.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, I want you to remember is that childbirth is power over pain.

Rock with me on this one…

Whenever I am working with a mom in preparation for childbirth, whether as a doula, a coach, or just offering some words of encouragement, there are 10 tips I give every single one (these can also be found in "Birth Goddess", the ebook and audio book).

But before I even dive into those helpful tips, there is one major component that is a literal game changer:


Here's what I mean. Let’s say you're at home, and you stub your toe on the edge of your bed. The nerves send a signal to your brain, which signals to your body through physical sensation that something is wrong; cue pain.

Pain is a way for you to understand that something is not right with your body. Pain is a survival mechanism. And often when we talk about childbirth, specifically waves (contractions), we talk about “pain levels”.

The moment you hear the word pain, you are preparing for something to be wrong. It’s the way we are hardwired, and it’s how we consciously and unconsciously understand pain.

But in childbirth, everything you feel in regards to your wave (contractions), outside of unique circumstances that require medical attention…everything you feel is power, not pain.

And because this is power not pain, it’s a reminder that EVERYTHING IS GOING RIGHT. Thus, when you feel the sensation coming over you, rather than fighting the “pain”, you are giving into the POWER.

The moment you tell yourself that your wave is power not pain, this is the moment you mentally get out of your own way, and allow.

Allowing means, you aren’t trying to get rid of the feeling, you aren’t trying to jump out of your own skin, and you don’t need to be saved from this moment. It means, you are giving in to what is happening, relaxing your body, and accepting that this power means everything is going right.

The moment you can give IN to your wave, is the moment you allow the oxytocin from your brain, body, and baby to work in harmony.

Your baby releases oxytocin in preparation for birth; your body releases oxytocin to encourage your uterus to contract, allowing baby to move down and out through the birth canal; and then your brain releases oxytocin to give you a break from all that power (this is the moment when the wave passes and you have a few minutes/moments of relief). 

Your brain is your “pain” aka power reliever. And neuro-chemically, your brain and body can concoct relief remedies stronger than any medication (yes, your mind and body is that incredible!).

So as you prepare for childbirth, remember this one thing: the POWER you feel means everything is going right.

As you visualize your baby moving down and out through your birth canal, tell yourself “power not pain”. 

From here, you simply allow. Give in to what you feel. Give in to your power, and allow you and your baby to work in harmony.

Then allow your body to move organically, and move through each wave (don’t stop and grip onto something when the wave comes, you relax your body and breath, and move through each one); acknowledging the power you feel. 

Once you understand this, then the top ten tips I provide will not only feel more doable, but you’ll be in a more empowered place by which you can truly apply them in real time.

Because knowing a thing doesn’t matter — it’s all in the application!

So no matter what circumstances are occurring outside of you during labor and childbirth, you can always go inward and remind yourself, “this is power not pain, and it means all is going right”.

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With love & light xo

Written by Danielle Jai Watson @DanielleJaiWatson

Founder/ Cosmic Doula @FreakuencyFit


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