Padsicles: Postpartum Vaginal Ice Pads (heaven sent!)

Sep 01, 2022

Who tells you ahead of time that you'll need an ice pad for your vagina post childbirth?!

If you're like most mamas, NO ONE tells you this. 

Yes intuitively you understand it:

👉🏽You pushed out an entire human.

👉🏽Your bones shifted, organs moved, and body opened up.

👉🏽Your perineum stretched wider than ever has before (and you likely only just learned what the perineum is). 

👉🏽You used more muscles than you even knew you had, and maybe even feel like you've been hit by a truck, if you're not taking any pain meds).

👉🏽You possibly had to get stitches, likely have some swelling, may have some hemorrhoids depending on how you were "allowed" to push...I mean damnit!

It's not wonder vaginal ice pads, also known as padsicles, are truly the name of the game!

Rock with me on this one…

What happens immediately post childbirth?

There are plethora of events that occur immediately post childbirth; to both you and your baby.

But for the sake of understanding the padsicle, let's just talk postpartum bleeding.

After you give birth to your baby and then your placenta, your midwife or doctor may possibly push on your stomach. (Painful? It depends on the mom and the intensity of midwife!)

But this act is called a uterine massage or fundal massage. And it usually occurs while you're overflowing with emotions holding the tiny human you grew within your own body for close to 40 weeks.

Your midwife, doctor, or nurse is doing this to locate the top of your uterus, and firmly press down on it. The primary reason for this is to encourage the uterus to contract, in order to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. And this can occur for moms who have given birth vaginally or via cesarean section. 

Once you birth your baby and placenta, your body begins to rid of tissue and blood that was inside of your uterus while you were pregnant. Cue the postpartum period.

This bleeding is typically heavier in the first few days, and tends to get lighter over the course of six weeks; keeping in mind that every body is different. You may even pass a few blood clots (which look terrifying at first sight, but as long as they aren't larger than a golf ball, it's normal - just strange to see).

Also keep in mind that as your body is healing and your uterus shrinking back to its regular size, you may experience some cramping (especially common in the early days of nursing). But don't worry, it's a sign that your body is doing exactly what it was designed to do ;)

But during this time of bleeding, your vagina, perineum, anus, and pelvic floor are healing. This is where the padsicle comes in handy.

What is a postpartum/post childbirth ice pad?

The postpartum ice pad (padsicle) is a frozen or freezing cold sanitary pad that absorbs the bleeding from your postpartum period, while also providing healing to your body.

These padsicles are often given to moms after giving birth in the hospital. But rarely are you given enough to suffice for the time they are really needed. These ice pads help with:

  • Reducing pain and discomfort associated with childbirth.
  • Helping to alleviate pain from stitches or hemorrhoids.
  • Helps to reduce vaginal swelling.
  • And they simply feel amazing!

But what about if you give birth at home? Or you get home from the hospital to discover you REALLY need more ice pads?

You can make these beauties right at home :)

Making post childbirth ice pads is something easy you can do during your third trimester (or have your partner, spouse, sibling, mom, anybody make them for you). The steps are simple:

  1. Grab some heavy flow maternal menstrual pads.
  2. Dump the pads in a bowl of water (feel free to add some aloe vera or witch hazel to the bowl or directly onto the pad).
  3. Leave the sticky part on the back of the pad.
  4. Ring out the water from the pad, so that it's just enough water but not soaking wet.
  5. You can simply place a bunch in freezer bags, and toss them in the freezer until you need them.
  6. Post birth, when you're ready, simply take them out of the freezer (you only need one per pad), and stick the ice pad on top of the dry pad you have on your panties.
  7. This way the ice pad will alleviate your pain or tenderness, while also absorbing your blood flow.

Watch this video below on how to make them easily at home.

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With love & light xo

Written by Danielle Jai Watson @DanielleJaiWatson

Founder/ Cosmic Doula @FreakuencyFit


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