Natural Birth and All the Feels (a birth story)

Jul 11, 2022

A birth story by Quinetta Shaw. (Originally published: 2020)

It's the evening of July 5, 2019. My husband and I are on the way home from a long day of "keeping busy". The goal was to try and disregard these intense menstrual cramp-like early labor contractions; per our midwife's instruction.

Once home, we informed our parents about my labor status. Maternal intuition kicked in as both of our moms discerned that baby girl would be arriving within the next 24 hours. My mom (who was in Philly) immediately found a red-eye that would get her to Los Angeles around 8am the next morning.

My husbands' parents (who were an hour away) drove to our home that evening. In the mean time, my husband was applying counteractive pressure to my lower back, as my contractions were getting stronger, ranging between 5-30 minutes apart.

As the evening turned into night, my parents-in-love (parents-in-law) had arrived and my contractions were getting even stronger. Around 12am, my contractions went from my lower abdomen to my....uuhhh..

There's no other way to say butthole!! I know, I know! It was the craziest feeling! Now, each contraction felt as if someone was squeezing and stretching my rectum/sphincter muscles.

These new contraction sensations prompted our initial call the birth centers' emergency number. After answering a few assessment questions (my breathing patterns, the length & strength of my contractions), my husband was told to call back in an hour. Based off the information given, I wasn't "ready" just yet. This went on for about 4 hours, although my husband kept insisting to the operator that we should probably head to the birth center.

As my contractions were intensifying, my mom-in-love (mother-in-law) ran me a warm bath in hopes of keeping me relaxed and easing the pain. Within about 2-3 minutes of sitting in the bath, I suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom. That "urge" was actually my water breaking; which was followed by my mucous plug.

"We're headed to the birth center", was all I heard as my husband hung up the phone and began to gather my belongings and birthing bag.

My parents-in-love, husband and I made our way to the birth center, arriving around 5am.

I waddled into the birthing room to find my super dope midwife happily waiting for me. I sat on the edge of the bed as she checked vital signs, dilation & effacement status. I was already 9cm dilated and everything was reading normal for baby girl and I. She then instructed me to get comfortable however I liked.

I immediately took ALL my clothes off and got into the jacuzzi tub, as my husband turned on the Meek Mill playlist we had planned to listen to during the labor and delivery process. Once in the jacuzzi, I realized that 808's were not going to calmly get me through this process. After sifting through different genres, it was gospel music that matched perfectly to the rooms' serene ambiance.

Now settled, my next contraction felt as if I had to take a major poop.

I inform my midwife, who tells me I can start pushing on the next one. I was so surprised but also ready to do this thing I've never done before. With each contraction, I'm screaming and pushing (based off of how I saw labor on T.V. lol smh). After a few rounds of this, my midwife intervenes, demonstrating a more purposeful way to push. She explained that bearing down as if I had to poop was the way to go.

Got IT! My husband joined me in the jacuzzi, being a great hand to squeeze; as I'm now bearing down, pushing properly. In my mind I'm thinking "I'm feeling really good about this. It just feels like I'm taking a really big poop; I got this"!!!

Then...THE RING OF FIRE happened!! Whew!

It definitely took me by surprise. I thank my husband, midwife, mom-in-love and best friend (all in the room) for the extra encouragement, cuz' ya girl was ready to call it quits! But after the initial "fire" sensation, I was able to cope with remaining feels.

I push and push and push and push and Puuuuuuuuussssh! I then hear my midwife say, "Look down mama, you've pushed her head out". I look at my husband and we both look down as I put my hand in the water to feel for myself. "OMG! I'm feeling my baby's head full of hair". I got so excited!

My midwife then says with joy "Ok, a couple more pushes for her body". I say "BET!" Let me tell you, I made these last couple pushes thee longest pushes ever. Pushing a little longer even as the contractions were subsiding.

The next thing I know it's 9:10am and with my last big push, my husband is catching our baby girl under the water. Our midwife assists, as they slowly bring our baby girl out of the water; laying her on my chest. My daughter and I lock eyes for the very first time, reminding me of God's love, grace and mercy.


Through my journey I learned a strong foundation is important. My relationship with God was my strong foundation throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experience. Through Him I kept my peace, listened to my intuition and was led to a few very special people who impacted my journey in such a positive and beautiful way. One of whom created Freakuency Fit! I love you my sister, Danielle Jai Watson!!!

Written by Quinetta Shaw @quinnyfrmphilly

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