Be Kind to Yourself: A Pregnancy Story

Feb 11, 2022

A pregnancy story by Jeanine Rogers (Originally published: 2020). Jeanine is now doula serving women in the Los Angeles area. 

May 1st changed my life! 

Finding out that I was pregnant sparked a sense of love and joy in me that I didn't know was possible. More importantly, having a supportive loving husband allowed me to really sink into every joyful emotion. 

My first trimester was a breeze!

No morning sickness. No fatigue. Mild breast tenderness. My skin...amazing! My hair... fantastic. My sex drive... through the roof!

In many ways I felt guilty for having just an "easy" pregnancy. 

Having other women, and sometimes men looking to relate me to their partner, would often ask, "How did you do with morning sickness?" Assuming that that's a right of passage that every expecting mother MUST go through to earn her strips and badges. 

My reply was always nothing short of awkward, "Ahhh... I didn't have any.":

You would have thought I grew a third boob right before their very eyes. Shocked! Amazed! "Wow, you're lucky!" would be the common reply. 

So there I was, strutting around with this sense of pride that pregnancy ain't so least not for me. 

You know that line from Lion King when Simba (Me) is in the elephant graveyard, and in an attempt to impress Nala (God) he says, "Danger, I laugh in the face of danger!"... that's my second trimester. 

I saw all the beautiful things ahead, and just when I thought I was laughing in the face of danger (pregnancy), here comes the hyenas (hormonal emotions) ready to swiftly steal the wind beneath my wings. 

Mental health during pregnancy is real ya'll! 

This is bigger than the occasional hangery attitude you feel approaching during your cycle. No, this is like being spooked in the shower. There you are trying to relax and then someone snatches the curtain back and scares a little pee out of you. But add shampoo to your eyes and the water temperature goes from just right to shards of ice. 

I find myself constantly apologizing to my husband because I feel crazy.

Like, "Sis, you're in an elephant graveyard. Ain't nothing in here worth laughing at. Pay attention to your surr... oh shit its too late! See I told you!" 

Imagine watching a TV show and you're about to laugh and then you hear something in you say, "You're too sad to laugh. CRY!" and you oblige (this really happened to me btw). 

So while I may not have earned my first trimester strips and badges, if I didn't earn a "you is crazy. no yous' aint. maybe yous' is. Lets cry and see. Then laugh uncontrollably" and God squaring up!  

I'm still in my second trimester, so these are on going lessons.

Though with the support of my midwife, doula, friends, family, and husband, its a lot easy for me to communicate my feelings and learn that:


Every tear, laugh, confused face, side eye, deep sigh, neck roll, smile, is being controlled by the fact that I AM GROWING ANOTHER PERSON INSIDE OF ME! This tiny human has complete control over my life at the moment... and in someways I'm here for it. 

I love my son unconditionally and I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world!


Be kind to yourself. Know that you’re not alone in anything you’re feeling. Though, remember that once your baby comes, you’re going to miss that alone time. So take advantage of it now. Tell your partner to take you out. Or, take yourself out! Don’t slack on the routines that made you feel pretty. Cause, let’s keep it funky…

We’re all beautiful, but sometimes we just need to feel pretty! Take a deep breath

Written by Jeanine Rogers @moments_matter

Owner/Doula @lovinglylatched

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