Less Force: More Autonomy

May 01, 2022

Don’t let fear induced words or outside pressures make you go against your intuition; especially when it comes to labor and childbirth. We need less dictatorship and more freedom of our bodies.

  • 1 in 3 women experience trauma whether in pregnancy, birth, or postpartum care.
  • 1 in 3 women are experiencing cesarean sections, though the number whereby this would indicate life saving measures is around 1 in 10.
  • 1 in 3 women report to be forced into having medical inductions.

And these are just the numbers that are reported.

In no other line of work have I come across the customer having to do the research of the professional to ensure that they make the best choices.

But when it comes to childbirth, especially in Western medicine, we are left to doing our own research and making optimum decisions for our babies and bodies (while being pressured to go against our instincts).

Different industries will make claims to ensure their bottom dollars are met. And when it comes to the birthing institution, and its horrid numbers of maternal death discrepancies based on race, it’s history of forced cesarean sections and hysterectomies on “less desirable women” (women of color), and it’s now common place theme of trauma and birth, it’s no wonder that all of the troubles facing women today are placed back on us.

Rock with me on this one…

At a time of geological disarray (extreme fires, hurricanes, rising sea levels, etc), alongside the high levels of toxicity in our oceans (fish) and soil (crops), as well as the indescribable power media has taken over society as a whole, when it comes to birth trauma and maternal death, it is always because of the woman.

They say we aren’t healthy enough, we don’t eat right, we gain too much, we lose too much, our genes are flawed, our DNA is funky, we do too much, we sit too long, we stand too long, we’re too old, too young, too everything…and because of all of our mishaps, we are the cause of our bodies failing us when it comes to childbirth.

This comes out of the medical fields historical playbook of: not knowing the cause of anything and so not to look foolish in NOT providing any real answers, they blame it on our own bodies failing and attacking us.

The truth is that, when it comes to childbirth, this incredibly powerful, once in a lifetime, very natural but awe-inspiring moment in a woman’s life has been turned into a power struggle for who can make the most amount of money off of pain and trauma. 

When it comes to labor, your body and baby work harmoniously to know when the time is right. This guessing game about when a mom “should” go into labor based on and ESTIMATION of a due date, is driving women insane. It is placing unnecessary stress and encouraging women to go against their guts every single day.

From the start of our pregnancy we are deemed high or low risk. You are immediately told that you are an inherent risk to your baby from day one! And to say this doesn’t impact us would be to ignore how powerful words are — especially during this time of vulnerability.

Doctors are trained to use fear based terminology. Hence why you are automatically deemed a risk to begin with. Doctors aren’t trained to look for best case scenarios — they are trained to spot trauma. Thus, they can find trauma anywhere.

And this is not a knock against doctors! This is about the institution that trains them.

I am not against anything in childbirth. As a product of an emergency cesarean section in 1989, due to strangulation of the umbilical cord with less than a few minutes left to spare, I am well aware of how important doctors are and their life saving measures.

But life saving measures should be used to do that — save lives in emergency situations. 

92-94% of all women enter into labor and childbirth perfectly capable of doing so void of medical intervention. Yet most are assumed and pressured into traditional practices of medicine that are causing more pain (literal pain in labor), and more trauma.

Without unnecessary interventions, your body and brain work together releasing oxytocin to strengthen contractions to open the cervix, and then releasing more oxytocin to give you relief in between each wave.

This is your body's natural “pain relief”. Remember the "power over pain" method?

Once medication is introduced in the form of synthetic oxytocin (even though doctors tell patients that they are giving them oxytocin), this interferes with the bodies natural order.

Thus, rather than your brain becoming your pain relief, it is no longer getting the right signals. Whereas a woman without intervention may experience 2 minutes of stillness in between each wave for her entire labor, another with intervention may experience what she feels is unbearable pain (and this is because it is indeed unbearable).

Rather than a moderate song, the epidural turns labor into a slow jam. And then when hospitals rush you because they have to turn over beds or doctors are changing shifts, they give you pitocin -- which turns it into a high speed track. 

Your body is unique. Thus, every woman cannot be given the same exact process and measures for childbirth. One woman may need half the dose of medication. Another may do better with no medication. And some women need intervention to save their life or their baby's. 

But we aren’t offered this freedom of choice.

The choices are made for us by tradition and money makers — because the more intervention you receive whether you need it or not, the more money is to be made on your behalf.

So when you start to feel bullied into something or pressured into something you don’t want or doesn’t make sense, know that YOU ARE THE BOSS. You can say no to whatever you want.

This is where your power of knowledge comes in. Rather than winging your labor and relying on doctors to do what’s best, you have to know your options. You have to be in the driver seat of your experience. You must recognize that you only have one body, and you must be treated like you only have one.

Traditional medicine doesn’t view you as a body. It views you as a chart, with flawed numbers and fixed answers. Trauma comes in all forms. And many times it comes from feeling powerless in your own body and birthing experience. 

You don’t have to do what anyone tells you! 

This is your body and your baby. And your intuition is very powerful during this time. Don’t deny yourself your ability to make conscious choices! Don’t be bullied by anyone. If you need to change doctors at 8 months because they aren’t right for you, DO IT!

You deserve to be heard, seen, validated, respected, and truly cared for like the goddess you are. Anyone who falls out of line with this, doesn’t deserve to serve you.

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With love & light xo

Written by Danielle Jai Watson @DanielleJaiWatson

Founder/ Cosmic Doula @FreakuencyFit

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